Furnace Tune Up Bentonville

Don’t Freeze This Winter Season, Call Gary’s One Hour Air!

cold outsitde!It’s COLD outside! Call Gary’s One Hour to make sure that your heating unit is ready for the winter season! We can help with any and all of your furnace repair needs!

Furnaces are highly technical machines that can pose a significant safety hazard if not maintained regularly. A faulty heater can cause a fire or other problems if not maintained, and therefore it is imperative to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced technician to carry out any repair work. Here are three great reasons to call Gary’s One Hour Air for to tune up your heating unit:

1. To minimize the risk of a gas leak

A faulty furnace could throw up a number of safety hazards, and in the worst case scenario could cause a serious injury to you or a member of your family. Regular maintenance of your heater will enable a qualified technician to inspect any problems and suggest any repair work that needs to be carried out on the unit. This could be as simple as replacing or adjusting the belt between the pulleys and the motor if it wears out, or loosening the bolts that connect to the belt and adjusting it accordingly if it is not properly aligned.

2. Can save you money in the long run

A well maintained heater will save you money in the long run, as a technician will identify the problem before the condition worsens and the unit requires further maintenance work. Our technicians can replace any damaged wires in the furnace, perhaps as the result of the nuts holding them in place becoming loose, or install new wiring. The technician can also replace any broken parts of the blower, the part of the furnace which circulates heat throughout your home. We can always order parts for you and fix the furnace quickly and safely.

3. Help keep you warm in the winter months

A fully-functioning furnace can provide you with heat during the winter months and it is therefore important to keep the unit operating at maximum efficiency during the year. Choose an HVAC company that can diagnose the problem quickly and provide you with a solution so you and your family have the heat you need when it gets cold.