Superior Heating Repair, Installation & Maintenance for Springdale Homeowners

When it comes to the maintenance of your HVAC, heating, and cooling systems, it is important that Springdale, AR homeowners hire a superior heating repair, installation, and maintenance expert to prevent sudden malfunctions. This can prevent the discomfort of a chill caused by a broken furnace or pollen and mold-ridden air blowing from your clogged up air conditioner. The smooth operation of all the active HVAC components in your home ensures you peace of mind helps you avoid the consequences of professional neglect which can be flooding, the growth of black mold in your air ducts, and rattling air handlers that keep you up at night.

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This is why it is so important to develop a maintenance strategy that includes the regular inspection of all of your heating and cooling systems. The expert you hire should be a licensed and certified specialist in heating repair and HVAC installation of all kinds. This is where Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating comes in.

What to Expect From Heating & Cooling Experts

When you hire an HVAC inspector like Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, he or she will inspect the following heating & cooling components.

  • Your furnaces will be inspected to make sure there is a safe working ignition and that all filters, fans, and ducts are clean.
  • Your boiler will be looked at to make sure that you are not losing heat from its operation and that it is running at maximum efficiency.
  • All filters, condensers and metal coils will be checked and replaced as required.
  • Your air handler should be inspected for any loose or rattling parts and insulated to help subdue wear and tear and noise.
  • Your boiler’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) will be checked to monitor its efficiency and worn-out parts replaced.
  • Your indoor air ducts will also be cleaned of the dirt and dust that accumulates and causes allergies and gases to form.
  • Digital thermostats will be tested and repaired to make sure that they are relaying accurate temperatures.

Superior Maintenance and Professional Heating Installation Is Worry-Free

Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Springdale offers membership in our Comfort Club™, which offers twice-yearly maintenance visits to tune up and clean your air conditioner and furnace. There are many benefits of participation in this plan including extending the average life of your HVAC system, lowering your energy costs, and lowering your carbon footprint by increasing your system’s efficiency.

The slogan Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is “Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!” This locally-owned and operated business offers over 40 years experience and a service vehicle called The Warehouse on Wheels that allow repairs on the spot. If you do in enroll in our Comfort Club™, you will also receive preferential treatment, with your appointment being scheduled at the front of the line by one of our round-the-clock phone operators who answer the phone 24/7.