The Heat Pump Repair, Replacement Installation Contractors Springdale Residents Can Rely On

Springdale residents can take advantage of a fine heat pump repair and heat pump replacement company that offers straightforward pricing and complete transparency with regards to the cost of all parts and labor. Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise if you have any complaints. The motto of the company is “Always On Time… Or You Don’t Pay A Dime.” This means that you will never be stuck at home for hours on end waiting for the guy who is supposed to fix the heat pump to show up.

heat pump repair company


This is a company that prides itself on being prompt, polite, and informative and we can inspect your heat pump as part of a scheduled bi-annual maintenance plan. To make this an affordable option for most homeowners, Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Springdale offers membership in our Comfort ClubTM.

What to Expect From Heat Pump Repair & Installation Contractors

The expert you hire for heat pump repair should be a licensed and certified specialist in furnace repair and heat pump installation. The initial determination is about what type of heat pump you are using, whether it be an air-source heat pump, ground-source heat pump or absorption heat pump.

When you hire a top-quality service technician to inspect your heat pump, he or she may evaluate the following:

  • Tests of your heat pump might be taken to determine if the unit is generating enough airflow to warm your home.
  • The heat pump might be evaluated to test whether or not it is extracting heat and exhausting heat into the proper areas.
  • All gears and cables inside of a gas-fired heat pump will be tested to make sure that they are not worn and working perfectly.
  • The draft inducer that creates the flame that ignites the heat pump must be properly contained and working efficiently.
  • The pipes that carry gasses from the furnace and heat pump will be checked for leaks and heat loss.
  • The blower on the furnace will be checked to make sure it blowing warm air properly through the heat pump.
  • Various switches such as the gas valve, flame sensor, limit control, transformer and flame rollout switch will be tested for efficiency.
  • The use of refrigerants will be monitored, and the unit will be inspected for leaking coolants.

Top Quality Heat & Air Maintenance Saves Time and Money

There are many benefits to participation in the company’s Comfort ClubTM plan including extending the average life of your heat pump’s warranty, lowering your energy costs, and reducing hot air loss from the energy generated by faulty mechanical parts.

Parts are immediately provided on the spot as a large truck accompanies the maintenance team called The Warehouse on Wheels that allows immediate repairs. If Springfield residents do in enroll in the Comfort ClubTM, you will also receive first-rate treatment, with your emergency call being answered by polite phone operators who answer the phone 24/7 every day of the year.