The #1 Choice in Springdale, Arkansas for Thermostat Repair & Installation

Programmable thermostat installation can help you get so much more use out of your HVAC system and allow you to control every aspect of your home comfort. If you do not have a state-of-the-art thermostat currently installed in your home, then you can still rely on Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to recommend and give you a quote for the one that is best for you. This #1 choice in Springdale, AR for digital thermostat repair and installation service is quite popular because this is a trusted, local company that has been serving the community for over 40 years.

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Why You Must Hire A Digital Thermostat Repair Professional

Having an accurate thermostat for your HVAC is crucial because if it is reading the temperature of the air wrong you could end up turning it up or lowering it unnecessarily and this could cause your energy costs to rise. Thermostats also wear out over time, especially the touch pads and digital displays.

Of course, many other components of your air HVAC can go haywire. Hoses can clog, condenser coils can drip, and your air handler can lose its ability to mix and recycle air, producing false temperature readings. Only a qualified, certified professional can tell you if you need digital thermostat repair or if it is another component within your unit that is malfunctioning.

It is best for you to leave it to a digital thermostat repair professional to fix your unit because you could void your warranty. Our service technicians have numerous certifications and are qualified to practice digital thermostat repair. One of the benefits of hiring Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is that the technician arrives in a vehicle known as The Warehouse on Wheels, which is bound to have the digital thermostat that is right for your system in stock. There is no running back and forth to the store to find just the right thermostat or ordering of parts unless the make or age of your HVAC unit is highly unusual.

The Comfort Club™ Ensures Bi-annual Thermostat Checks

The Comfort Club™ service is a worry-free maintenance program that it helps prevent HVAC breakdowns by having you contract us to check the units at scheduled times. Enrollment in the program is affordable and paid monthly. It helps prevent you against the rising costs of scheduling stand-alone or emergency visits for digital thermostat repair.

Another benefit of being a Comfort Club™ customer is that you are first to be attended to if your thermostat malfunctions. Furthermore, there is always a customer service operator ready to serve in case the malfunction triggers some kind of air conditioning crisis.

These service technicians are available to you 24/7, and our company’s testimonies verify our motto, “Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!” Also, if you enroll in The Comfort Club™, you will always be guaranteed routine maintenance of every part of your HVAC system and if you are not satisfied with your new digital thermostat installation because then you don’t have to pay for it thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise.