Professional Evaporator Coil Replacement, Repair & Installation in Springdale

Every part of your HVAC or air conditioning unit needs maintenance but is very important that you pay attention to your AC coils. AC coil cleaning, repair, and installation should take place at least twice a year to make sure that excess condensation is not causing water to collect in trays or behind walls. This is important because wherever there’s water; there’s rot, mold, and bugs. Water pooled in AC units also attracts vermin, who treat the dripping moisture as a water source.

Springdale evaporator coil company


Of course, many other components of your air conditioner can malfunction including hoses, fans, and switches, and these should also be checked regularly to make sure they are working properly. AC filters should also be checked and replaced every time you hire a professional evaporator coil cleaning or replacement.

As some Springdale, residents have found out the hard way, water condenses on coils, and, if left unchecked, the unit can overflow and flood. This is a very unpleasant occurrence that often requires emergency AC coil repair or replacement, especially if you live in a condo and the tray floods the residents below you.

It is best for you to leave it to an AC coil installation expert to fix your unit because you could void your warranty. Our service technicians have numerous certifications and are qualified to fix systems and units made by many different companies including Amana, Coleman, and Carrier. Hiring a professional HVAC company that is a certified quality expert can actually help prolong the lifespan of the unit as a whole.

Hire a Quality Expert With A Warehouse on Wheels

One of the benefits of hiring Gary’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is that the technician arrives in a vehicle known as the Warehouse On Wheels. This mobile hardware supply store carries many different air conditioner parts, which is helpful if during your AC coil cleaning your HVAC professional discovers other problems such as clogged ductwork or a burnt out air handler. There is no ordering of parts or running back and forth to headquarters to search for a suitable unit. Furthermore, this company is locally-owned and operated and has been serving Springdale residents for 40 years, so when you do business with them, you are putting your dollars back into the economy o your local community.

The Comfort Club™ to Ensures Frequent AC Coil Checks

The Comfort Club™ service is a Worry-Free Maintenance program that it helps prevent sudden air conditioner breakdowns by having you contract them to check the units at scheduled times. Air conditioners that are maintained twice a year by licensed technicians practicing quality expert care can have your air conditioner lasting much longer than you thought it ever could.

Another benefit of being a Comfort Club™ customer is that you are served first if your air conditioner breaks down. Furthermore, there is always a customer service operator ready to serve in case of an emergency. They are available to you 24/7 and will send technicians out to handle any air conditioner that breaks down. Our motto, “Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!” is an assurance that you will never be waiting around for service. Also, if you do in enroll in The Comfort Club™, you will always be guaranteed routine maintenance of every part of your HVAC system.